Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Storing and Cleaning Vinyl Records

I live in the Motown City. There is a least one very serious record collector who has a climate controlled room in his home. Not all of us can afford such a collectors dream, but there are ways to help preserve records within our means.
If you happen to find a promo record by the Esquires at a yard sale, and it is extremely dirty and gritty, follow these great tips. These tips are for vinyl records. Use a air compressed can to blow off the loose particles. A face cleansing peel, emollient free and hypoallergenic, can be applied with an artist brush. Do not place this on the label. When the peel is dry, gently remove from the records surface. This will remove dirt from the groves. Then use a regular cleaning, by using a squirt bottle with distilled water and a teaspoon of dish detergent. Place the record on the turntable, and using a soft cloth wipe the record. Turn the record at the edge only. Clean both sides, then rinse with distilled water the same way.
Records do not stand extreme heat, light, or weight. Store them where the temperature is consistent, no plastic wrap, and use special plastic sleeves. Store upright, do not cram together, but snugly against each other. Plastic should be stored in the dark, cool, clean, and aired space.
The records will stay in good condition, for your grandchildren. If they are like mine, they will use them for skeet practice!

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