Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Saving A Munising Wooden Bowl

I had picked up a wooden bowl made by Munising. They have not made bowls since 1955. The bowl had been mistreated. It had been washed of its original color and wood texture. I applied a light coat of Grapeseed Oil from the health food store. This restored the vintage bowl to a glowing color without harming it for serving food. It now can be used as a fruit bowl or salad bowl.

The damage was done by washing and soaking in hot water. The dishwasher would destroy it. High temperatures and long soaks in water are the worst elements for this collectable wood bowl. After using the bowl, it should be cleaned with a light rinsing of dish detergent and hand dried. If the bowl starts to show wear again, a soft cloth with oil will make it glow again. The wood should not be placed in direct sunlight, and kept from high heat or extremely cold.

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