Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Silverplate I Love It Black!!!

Silverplate is a big money maker for me. The blacker the tarnish, the better. It is overlooked at auctions and the final bid price is reasonable. With a small amount of work, i can restore it for resale and a profit.
Tarnish is eating away silver and has a corrosion effect. It is caused by reactions to chemicals, oxygen, oils, food, and chlorine. Never put silverplate in the dishwasher, it will remove the finish, and cause scratching. Never wrap it in plastic wrap, this will increase the tarnish process, and i will be picking it up for a song at my next auction!!! The worst thing that can happen to your silver is to use a silver cleaning dip. It will remove the shine and finish and leave you with a dull and lifeless piece.
A good cleaning once in awhile with a soft, flannel cloth and a silver cleaning paste should keep your silver in nice condition. I use an old toothbrush ( never throw them away) to clean the crevices in the designs. Storing in a lined silver chest is best for flatware. Spoons are always more delicate. The bottoms can be damaged by placing constantly on a hard surface, and serving spoons do not alway react well to the soup. Once the finish is gone, replating is the answer.

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