Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How to Perserve Magazines

I just bought a very large box of vintage magazines, all the 1930's and early 40's at an estate sale. Before I even purchased them, I checked for mildew or mold, and mice damage. They do love paper for their nests! The magazines were in pretty good condition, even though they were just thrown in a box. Some of the covers were gone or torn, but the pages did not have a odor.
What is the best way for my buyers to preserve a magazine that they have purchased from me? They must be kept out of the basement, garage, or barn and away from moisture. They do have to be kept dry. An attic is not great either, it may be too dry a climate, and the pages will brittle. Sunlight will fade and yellow the pages too. If you have to show off your prize collections, wear white cotton gloves, and handle like a baby. They must be stored in a dry closet or drawer and with pest traps. No mice allowed.
If you have a large collection, stacking very tightly together will keep oxygen from seeping into the pages. This is also a fire retardant as tightly packed paper will burn very slowly.
Perserving one magazine would be best in a polyester, transparent sleeve. Make sure your pages are free from dirt, tape, paper clips, or anything to would leave marks. Store in a high grade storage box. Check you magazines from time to time for bugs!! Spiders are a sign that bugs are around, and look for dead bug carcasses.
If you come across any "Seventeen" magazines from the 1950's, get them!! They are hot right now!!!!

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