Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Old Time Cleaning Hints

These great old household hints were taken from a magazine titled "The Prudential" dated 1900's.

BLACK SILK- brush and wipe thoroughly, lay on table with the side down intended to show, sponge with hot coffee which as been strained through muslin, iron when partly dry.
STAINS OR GREASE ON OIL PAINT-- use bisulphide of carbon, spirits of turpentine, or, if dry and old, use chloroform. These and tar spots can be softened with olive oil and lard.
RUST FROM STEEL-- take half ounce of emery powder, mixed with one ounce of soap, and rub well.
FRUIT SPOTS ON COTTONS--apply cold soap, touch with a hair pencil or feather diffed in chlorate of soda, then dip immediately in cold water.
GREASE ON SILKS-- take a lump of magnesia, bub it wet on the spot, let it dry, then brush the powder off.
MILDEW--moisten the spot with clean water, rub on it a thick coat of Castile soap and chalk scrapings, then rub with end of finger and wash.
OIL MARKS ON WALL-PAPER--apply paste of cold water and pipeclay. leave it on all night, brush off next morning.
PAINT SPOTS ON CLOTHING --salurate with equal parts turpentine and spirits of ammonia.
FINGER MARKS ON FURNITURE-- rub with soft rage and sweet oil
ZINC-- rub with a piece of cotton cloth dipped in kerosence, then with a dry cloth.
WINDOW GLASS-- paint can be removed by a strong solution of soda.
TINWARE- common soda, applied with a moistened newspaper and polished with a dry piece, will make tinware like new.

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Anonymous said...

I love these and thank you for posting this. Much appreciate having more ways to remove stains from vintage collectibles.